the light, was only a mirage

it was an illusion that you were walking on safe ground

this ignorance and disposal of the truth led you right into the quick sand

now you find yourself screaming silently for help, for no one is there to hear you

if only you watched your step

only then would you have known where it would all go wrong

but you didn’t

and now?

you’re gone

why do you come back after all that we’ve done to you

oh, how those words haunt me.

was it a joke?

am i just paranoid?

i can’t be.

maybe i don’t know them.

maybe they aren’t the people they claim to be when i am around.

and still i care for them?

has the kindness i’ve received been a lie this whole time?

what have they said?

what have they done?

i hope it was just a joke.

i hope i’m just paranoid.

Hero of the story

So effective
Words of one who knew all
One can’t simply rid those dialogues
Not if a perception was altered for the better
This is one who can ultimately haunt your every move
However, it’s not for the worst
More so to perfect imperfections
To correct faults and steps
Even when the worst comes about
The light doesn’t just dim
It glows brighter than ever
All as a mere reminder that not all is lost