forge your name on her remains

the little you have left of her anyways

you’ve vandalized her walls

destroyed them all in all

you’ve become her puppeteerĀ 

grabbed her from the spine and injected fear

a fist so full of force

the first one took its course

in the world’s mirror she reflects a blank stare

because everyone who saw, never really cared

if only they cared

Meaningless apology

I’m sorry for truly caring
I’m sorry for wanting to see you happy
I’m sorry for ever have wanted to get to know you
I’m sorry for trying to understand your problems
I’m sorry, dearly sorry, for ever have spoken to you
I’m sorry for thinking you were not like the rest
I’m sorry for being sincere
I’m sorry for your words having some sort of an influence on me
I’m sorry that I did something nice that wasn’t necessary
I’m just plain sorry that I even thought of doing something kind
Because clearly
You have taken it wrong
Clearly you have taken ME wrong